Monday, December 30, 2013

Tamanu Oil For Acne - How Does It Work?

There are many uses for tamanu oil, which is derived from the nut of the tamanu tree and is usually found growing in tropical locales. Recently, this oil picked up some much needed popularity by being mentioned on the Dr. Oz show. Using tamanu oil for acne in particular seems to be growing as a trend. While the varied uses of pure, organic oils are becoming more well known by consumers, there are still a lot of questions without ample answers. The more knowledge we can spread about this amazing oil, the better, because it works for a wide variety of common ailments.

Tamanu nut oil, or Calophyllum Inophyllum, is useful in the treatment of acne because it possesses several qualities that are helpful in prevention and treatment of skin irritation, including antiseptic and astringent. Not only do these qualities occur naturally in tamanu oil, the properties are also quite strong. Although tamanu oil has high amounts of essential ingredients that work well on skin, the oil still remains easy and gentle on sensitive skin. Tamanu oil also works as an active anti inflammatory and has been used successfully as a general anti swelling compound. 

Applying tamanu oil to the face after washing can help clear up acne along with a host of other skin ailments if done properly and used faithfully. Like any other skin regimen, significant results take time, which can range from a few days to a few weeks. One big plus of tamanu oil is users report that it still works at the same level years later. Many times, formulated chemical products that we use cause an immunity within the skin over time, and subsequently stop working within a time frame. As of 2013, there are no reports of that happening with prolonged use of tamanu oil for skin, even after several years or decades.

It might seem like a counterproductive idea to use oil on a face already clogged with oil, but tamanu nut oil differs greatly from the oil, or sebum, that occurs naturally on your facial skin. Sebum also has no natural antimicrobial or antiseptic qualities and cannot kill germs and bacteria. Tamanu oil is so strong and fast acting, studies have shown that it even kills off viruses like staph and yeast, and research is ongoing about the effectiveness of tamanu oil in treating HIV and several different types of cancers.

The future of tamanu oil is definitely exciting. You owe it to yourself to learn all you can about this amazing oil and use it to its' fullest extent to help improve your life, health and well being. Visit for more information about the various uses of tamanu oil, along with breaking news, research and articles on organic tamanu oil.

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